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Global Launch of the Mifos Initiative - Pivotal Labs in SF June 11 at 630pm

We're less than one week away from our Mifos Initiative Launch Event in downtown San Francisco at Pivotal Labs on June 11 at 630pm. Paul Maritz has been eager to host an event to build consciousness of our initiative in the Bay Area and Silicon Valley so we're excited to finally make it a reality!

Since we are bringing so many people together for this special event, we're going to formally launch the Mifos Initiative and the latest release of the Mifos X platform. At the event we'll be telling some of the amazing stories about the many individuals in our community who are the heart, soul, and brilliance that powers our initiative. Reuniting past supporters and invigorating a new set of contributors, we'll kick off our Silicon Valley/Bay Area Mifos chapter. This group will be an active body of committed volunteers that is evangelizing our project to recruit new volunteers, bring on new financial supporters and form new partnerships to extend our platform and market reach. 


Mifos at LinuxFest Northwest

This past month we had the chance to experience LinuxFest Northwest for the first time. Over the years, we’d heard many good things from Adam Monsen and Bill Wright had always stopped by our booth to invite us to come. Their unique northwest logo always captivated us and given it was directly in our backyard, we had no excuses not to intend when we were offered a free booth as a Community Supporter.  

This year, Ollie and I hosted a booth in the Exhibitor Hall for two days and got to meet hundreds of potential new supporters and contributors. It turned out to be one of the most well-run conferences we’ve attended and we look forward to returning for many years to come - hopefully we'll get Vishwas to speak next year!  It’s a shame it took us to the 15th year of LinuxFest Northwest to finally come but LinuxFest Northwest has clearly perfected their conference over all those years and should be proud of their efforts.

All around, the conference, the people, the content, and the venue are all top-notch. It’s a testament to the organizers, their volunteer network, and the spirit of open source that such a lively and well-run conference attracting 1500+ attendees could still be made completely free to attendees.


Mifos X on FLOSS Weekly

Vishwas Babu and Ed Cable had the pleasure of being guests on FLOSS Weekly on April 9, 2014. FLOSS Weekly is a live talk show hosted by Randal Schwartz that features the most interesting and important people in the Open Source and Free Software community. This week Randal was out so we had a blast chatting with Aaron Newcomb and Dan Lynch about all the great opportunities the Mifos X platform presents for financial inclusion. Check out the video below or download the audio or video for FLOSS Weekly 289 to watch later on.

FLOSS Weekly 289 - Mifos X


2013 Mifos Community Choice Awards - Honoring our Finest

Throughout the year, so many acts of kindness, ingenuity, and dedication go unheralded. In what will now be an annual tradition, we want to recognize those members of the community who’ve gone above and beyond in their service to their fellow community members and their clients. Below is a post to recap our first annual Community Choice Awards which were given our during a rooftop ceremony and dinner on October 24, 2013 during our Mifos Summit in Jaipur. This year we had four planned awards and one surprise one that was bestowed upon me:

Most Innovative MFI - Nuru International (sponsored by Google)

This year’s Most Innovative MFI Award was sponsored by Google. When we think of innovation in an open source community, we look for innovative uses of technology, innovative service offerings, and innovative participation. Across the board, Nuru International met all of these criteria.


Ready for New Heights at the FI2020 Global Forum

Fresh off an invigorating and breathtaking summit that united our community from around the world, Craig Chelius is off to represent the Mifos Initiative at the Financial Inclusion 2020 Global Forum in London. We are gracious and honored to be one of a select group of Innovators who have been invited to attend the summit, which kicked off today. As we launch the first true open platform for financial inclusion, we're eager and ready to partner with hundreds of delegates who will be at the summit.  Mifos is a game-changing catalyst for technology-enabled business models and we're delighted for the chance to help the industry as a whole, re-discover the new Mifos Initiative

Here are a few snippets from our Expression of Interest to attend the summit:


Reflections on Day 2 of the Mifos Summit

One striking takeaway, I've seen at this year's summit which shows the evolution of the project moving towards a true community is how hands-on and engrossed all audiences at the summit have been with the Mifos X product and platform itself.
Being together face to face has helped to heighten this participation even more. This all speaks to how valuable this gathering is and how important our local chapters will be for enabling this at a regional level on a more frequent basis. Training. Training. Training - we need to double down on it for users, Specialists, and Developers alike. 
UI Session
New Users

2013 Mifos Summit in Jaipur has Begun!

2013 Mifos SummitA quick post to let the community know the summit has begun. We're only one day in but already we've grown incredibly from our inaugural summit in Bangalore last year. Amit has helped us pick an amazing world-class venue that we've filled to capacity - the comfort, cuisine, and hospitality are unmatched. We've nearly doubled the number of attendees with more than 75 including so many first time attendees and brand new members of the community. We have also more than doubled the amount of content in our agenda - and even stayed on schedule for the most part of Day 1 until the final day's session ran long.  

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Conservancy and COSM announce the Mifos Initiative

The Community for Open Source Microfinance (“COSM”), in conjunction with Software Freedom Conservancy, is proud to announce that COSM will assume full stewardship of Mifos®, an award-winning free and open source software platform for microfinance, effective immediately. Conservancy, a non-profit fiscal sponsor for Free Software projects and the previous non-profit home of the Mifos project, will assist in COSM in the transition and will donate all the Mifos copyrights, trademarks, and domain names to COSM.

In turn, COSM plans to reunite the project and brand under the name, Mifos Initiative, and will serve as both the new non-profit home for the Mifos project and as the community hub for developers, microfinance institutions, vendors, development consultants, and users that together comprise the Mifos community.

We're excited to step into the future under the Mifos banner, said Craig Chelius, Executive Director of the newly-renamed Mifos Initiative. We'd like to thank Conservancy for shepherding the Mifos project during this transition, and we're ready to lead all aspects of the movement to enable the use of open source technology for financial inclusion as a development tool to help the world's poor.


OSCON's about to Kick Off!

I'm eager to get to Portland to kick off an exhilarating week at OSCON with the Community Leadership Summit but am stuck at the airport with a delay. CLS is always a blast and this year our Executive Director, Craig Chelius, will be joining me. Looking forward to discussing fundraising, launching local chapters, engaging non-technical users, and stimulating application development in our ecosystem among the many topics in community development.

Continuing into the week, OSCON will be a reunion of sorts and a chance to harness the power of our collective minds. Two of our board members, Zaheda Bhorat and Dave Neary will be in town along with advisor, Steve Thomson. I'm eager to make strong headway in charting our community forward heading towards our 2013 summit in Jaipur.


Take 3 also means Triple the Impact!

I wanted to give a big thank you to Deanna McCusker and the VMware Foundation for an incredible gift they made this past week. As you know, Deanna, as part of her Take 3 Sabbatical from VMware, has been designing the user experience for our Mifos X platform the past several months. She wrote about her experiences with her community for VMware Foundation's recent #iServe challenge.  She was selected the winner of a $1000 grant for our project for her exemplary community service. Out of the kindness of her own heart, Deanna also chose to personally donate a $1000 which was also matched by VMware Foundation which means a total of $3000 has been raised for Mifos and The Community for Open Source Microfinance. 

Deanna gave another new meaning to "Take 3" by tripling the impact of her contribution.  We plan on using these generous funds to cover a travel scholarship to our 2013 Mifos Summit in Jaipur as well as to create a pool of funds to help recognize and reward future volunteer contributors who give so much incredible time and value to the project.

So join me once again in thanking Deanna and the VMware Foundation (and Social Coding 4 Good who made this partnership possible). Sadly she's now in her final weeks of her sabbatical and we will miss her so much!  I've reposted her original post and write-up from her Take 3 blog below:

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