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Mifos Specialists

Mifos® is an open-source platform supported by a global community of microfinance practitioners and software developers. In addition to this community support, some MFIs need the focused and specific support of an expert consultant. A vital part of Mifos' widespread adoption is the establishment of locally available IT consultants–Mifos Specialists–who can help MFIs by providing support for Mifos.

What is a Mifos Specialist?

A Mifos Specialist is a consulting firm that provides technical support and consultation for microfinance institutions evaluating and deploying Mifos, and for ongoing use and customization. 

What does a Mifos Specialist Do?

The Mifos Specialist fills three fundamental roles:

1) Technical Project Management for Mifos Deployment and Implementation

This includes a variety of tasks customized to meet the needs of the particular microfinance institution: planning the roll-out, data migration, planning and installation of infrastructure, customizing reports, and training users and administrators.

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