Maya G - Digamber

Our Marie for Release G comes to the community from Digamber Finance, a former Mifos Community user and current Mifos Cloud customer, based in Rajasthan, Indian. This release will be code-named Maya G.

Ms. Maya Devi is an independent self employed member. She is engagaed in the business of Animal husbandry (Piggery), belonging to a very lower caste with no access to easy finance.

In her own words,

"Getting finance in reasonable rates is an impossible task for people like us because we are from low caste society and we are associated with the Piggery, that's why we have no access to any MFIs. Digamber Finance heard our voice and they promoted us to the next loan cycle; our earning will help our families in education and shelter. I know that the promoters are Digamber caste which is high in society but they remove the distances between us."

Digamber finance is in the business of providing easy finance to such women entrepreneurs. Our team of experienced employee has been finding & targeting such women entrepreneurs.

Ms. Maya Devi has successfully completed the first cycle (Kranti) of loan of Rs. 10,000/-. The loan has been utilised in purchasing pet animals (pigs). The pigs are breeded & sold to near by farms. She is currently running in her second cycle & is looking forward to more prosperity.