Our Shared Vision: Three Billion Maries

Marie-Claire AyurwandaOur shared vision is what keeps us working each day, what we work towards, our mission.

We could say that our shared vision is to utilize technology to effectively grow microfinance - and that’s true.

We could tell you that our initiative—the Mifos technology platform and related services—aims to provide the entire MFI industry with the technology it needs to scale. That’s also true.

But these goals are a little abstract and distant. We like to think of our mission as 3,000,000,000 Maries. It helps us remember that our work is about people.

Who is Marie, you ask

We met Marie-Claire Ayurwanda in Rwanda, where she had survived the death of two husbands and was infected with HIV.

With her first US $40 loan, Marie-Claire started a restaurant, and soon invested her profits into a Village Phone office. That did so well, she is now planning to add a second phone line.  Her goal? To build a house for herself and her four children. We look forward to seeing Marie’s new home.

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3 Billion Maries and Mifos Releases

The Mifos technology helps microfinance institutions around the world empower more and more Maries each day. To keep our focus on these customers, each upcoming Mifos release will be code-named for one of these Maries - a microfinance client whose life is empowered through economic opportunity.  This client will be chosen from a Mifos customer, whose technology needs are a focal point for that release. 

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