Marketing Toolkit

These resources can be used to help educate and promote MFIs about the values and benefits of the Mifos platform. 

Product Collateral

Mifos Data Sheet

2 page overview of Mifos product and functionality

Mifos Functionality Overview

Powerpoint deck containing screenshots giving an overview of each individual feature in Mifos.

Business Intelligence Overview

Overview of Mifos Business Intelligence Suite and samples of 30+ available Mifos standard reports.


Case Studies

Grameen Koota and enda Case Study

Grameen Koota (GK) and enda inter-arabe (enda) are two of the first and largest Mifos customers, serving 450,000 and 135,000 clients respectively. This case study shows how they both generated significant value but in entirely different ways; GK through aggressive growth and enda by shifting to a new lending model.

KEEF Case Study

Case study exploring the value behind not only the implementation of Mifos but also the investment in a mobile money platform through M-PESA integration with the Mifos platform. KEEF is a young, rapidly growing MFI promoting women and youth empowerment through microcredit in Kenya. 


Al Majmoua Case Study

This case study documents the ROI at Al Majmoua. Al Majmoua is a unique player in the Lebanese microfinance sector; they rose to their leadership position in the market by being fully independent and politically neutral with a holistic approach attending to both the social and economic needs of its clients.  Al Majmoua is benefiting from Mifos through greater potential to scale than their previous MIS with the capabilty to launch new products and services to help them maintain their market leadership in innovation.