Who We Are

Mifos.org is a diverse community of microfinance institutions, technology professionals, business people, volunteers, and contributors.

  • We are guided by the vision to create and deploy technology that allows the microfinance industry to scale.
  • Our team and our community of users are distributed worldwide, spanning all time zones, in developing nations and developed.
  • We are a community that actively supports each other in the development and use of the Mifos software.

We are led by The Community for Open Source Microfinance.

The site Mifos.org

  • Mifos.org is the online home for our community. This site and related resources provide a collaborative platform to work together towards our vision.
    • Mifos.org  is both a knowledge repository and an interactive workspace; the shared goal is to support effective deployment and implementation of Mifos.
    • It is a gateway for new contributors to participate and become involved.
    • It is the place to meet fellow Mifos community members - worldwide and locally. You’ll learn from others, see the community at work, and let others know about your role and impact in our community.

Who Comes to Mifos.org

  • MFIs: Microfinance Institutions planning to implement Mifos independently or with the support of a local Specialist and current Mifos users/customers who seek and provide support and advice.
  • Specialists: Local technology companies providing implementation and support services to MFIs using Mifos
  • Contributors: Hackers, tech professionals, tech writers, tech companies, testers, and Java developers accelerating the development of our open source platform.
  • You: Thinking of joining our movement to transform the lives of 3 Billion Maries (link) through technology?  No contribution is too small. Join now. 

What’s the Difference Between Mifos.org and MifosForge?


This is the community site, for using and understanding the Mifos Community Edition, and for working with others in the community.


Already actively contributing to Mifos? Want to learn more about the technical details of the project? Visit MifosForge, where our developers talk and work together as they build out the Mifos platform.  It is home to our issue tracker, our Agile project management, our developers’ wiki, and other resources.